Business Consulting

What is your company's most valuable asset?

The most valuable asset of a successful company is their people. How efficiently you utilize that asset will make your company faster and stronger.

I have more than 30 years of business experience, 20 of those years is in business consulting. Some members of my team have more than 30 or more years of business consulting experience as well.

  • As your business consultant, we will help you to minimize most procedural inefficiencies.
  • As your business consultant, we will show you how to eliminate redundancies as well.
  • As your business consultant, we will help you to automate some of the daily procedures and certain tasks to maximize the value of your staff's time.
  • As your business consultant, we will look at your daily operations, and in time, advise you on the areas where the improvements can be made.
  • As your business consultant, we will advise you regarding your systems security and compliance needs. Upon approval SBDS will implement and manage intrusion detection and prevention.
  • As your business consultant, from proposal to implementation to post installation, we will assist you every step of the way.


A True Story

When BCMS contacted us 12 years ago, I sat down with the owners and asked them to explain to me their business vision. What they do, how they are doing it now, and finally, where would they like to be at future points in time.

I visited and observed their operations, while taking notes along the way.

Several databases were designed and implemented, including: one for the Junior Sales Team which eliminated several time wasting steps on the call and sales cycle and another database for the Customer Service and Technical support teams which eliminated much frustrating paperwork. Most compliance issues were also resolved.

Now, with timely and accurate information provided to the principle owners, Customer Service, Technical support, and to the Junior and Senior Sales Teams, BCMS's business has soared to new highs, breaking records year after year. From being a small local shop in Hilliard Ohio, BCMS has become a National company with sales teams from the East to the West coast. Regional offices have been opened in several states.

New ideas are still being sought and implemented. For instance, one idea is saving more than $6,000 per month on the telephone bill alone. There are more success stories to share.

When you are ready to take the next step, just call SBDS at (614)478-7237.

We can help to implement your vision as well.

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