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For starters, SBDS is the top virus, trojan & spyware removal and protection specialist in Central Ohio. Computer viruses and other malware (malicious software) are an unfortunate reality in the online world. From FBI virus to Euleron, we have seen it all, and on daily basis, we are removing them from PCs and Laptpos. They cause everything from sluggish performance and computer crashes to a total loss of all the data and files on your computer. They can delete your files, render your computer inaccessible, turn you into a relay point for sending spam or most seriously, send your personal information to identity thieves. SBDS will examine the health of your PC or laptop and then, if necessary, use our powerful virus removal tools to get rid of annoying popups, stop the computer lockups & crashes, and take back control of your PC or Laptop! Our, optional, proactive solutions of protection are implemented after removal and cleanup of malware. Don't surrender control of your computer over to the bad guys, contact SBDS today!
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